How do you spread kindness?


I’m Veronica, my passion is spreading Kindness with Confetti. Whether I'm supporting a brand with their social media from the ground up or taking your existing marketing up a notch, I'm here to make your brand stand out!

When I’m not staring at my desktop with a coffee in hand (decaf if it’s the second of the day) you can find me playing with my three littles and puppy on the beaches of Virginia, running my online gift boutique, and unintentionally killing all the plants in our sweet little home. 
                                                                xo, V

My passion is helping you share yours!

- married to a real life superhero
- Obsessed with glittery shoes
- REtired autism & emotional support teacher turned 
- mama to 3 little kids, 1 Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy & a bearded dragon
- Bumps and Holes scare me (it's a for real phobia)
- I will do just about anything for a spicy margarita
- I can juggle life and tennis balls
- I own a gift boutique
- The power of the sun is severely undeRrated
- My parents are the most amazing 2 people I know
- i am a creative through and shows in everything i do!

“The experience was positive and my social media presence improved. I also learned about the use of power of social media. I am pleased to refer Veronica’s abilities.” ~ Dr. Denk

“Working with Veronica this past year has been seamless. Our social media content has never been better and she does it all while staying true to our brand. I sometimes have to do a double take when I read a post because she has done a remarkable job learning my voice and the voice of our foundation. Veronica has been key in getting important information out to families in a really beautiful way.”
~ Aimee Darby

Amazing clients have allowed us to produce work we are proud of.


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